[K12OSN] New install of K12LTSP - repo not found

Patrick Fleming k12ltsp at rwcinc.net
Fri Oct 21 03:47:38 UTC 2016

I'm looking to migrate a K12LTSP server either later this year or next
summer. Is the code so broken that I'm not going to be able to do that
easily? I don't mind spending _some_ time on it, but this is an office
server that can't really be down for too long - or at all. 


On Thu, 20 Oct 2016 20:13:25 -0400
"Terrell Prude' Jr." <microman at cmosnetworks.com> wrote:

> As much as I hate to admit it, yeah, I'd have to agree with that 
> sentiment now.  It's ironic that LTSP was created to foster low-cost 
> computing by using older, diskless computers as thin clients...and
> has become a victim of its own success.  Nowadays, we can get pretty 
> powerful used desktop computers for as little as $99.  LTSP's goal
> has been achieved...at the cost of its own continued success!
> Ironic, indeed....
> These days, the "low cost" computer option is to just pick up some
> good used computers and Ghost an image to the boxes.
> But oh, boy, when LTSP came out, it sure was needed, and it sure did 
> fill that need in excellent style.
> --TP
> On 10/20/2016 05:49 PM, Brian Fristensky wrote:
> > It has been clear for some time now that LTSP is dead. There is no 
> > interest
> > in supporting it and keeping it current.

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