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Getting started with kickstart help

I'm trying to get started with kickstart on RH7.0.  I've read the relevant
sections in the RH7.0 reference guide, searched DEJA, searched the
kickstart-list archives at Redhat, searched the redhat-list at moongroup
(thanks Chuck !).  There are a couple of questions / problems that I am

1)  I've setup dhcpd.conf with the following: (and restarted dhcpd)

group {
   filename "/U1/kickstart/ks.cfg";

   host ncd2 { hardware ethernet 00:a0:24:ea:05; }

When I boot from my kickstart boot diskette (created from RH7.0 respin
bootnet.img), I get "Error opening kickstart file /tmp/ks.cfg: no such file
or directory".  If I go to alt-F3, I can see the following:

sending dhcp request through device eth0
nodns is 0
reverse name lookup worked
bootp: no bootfile received
ks server: file:

>From the RH reference guide, this seems like the dhcp server is not sending
the information in the 'group' section of the dhcpd.conf. Therefore, the
dhcp server ( is where the install is looking for

What have I missed here ?

2) I've seen references in the kickstart-list archives about making a
bootable CD and using it rather than the bootable floppy as it would be
faster.  However I've not yet found how to go about making a bootable CD
that looks like the floppy.

Thanks for any help or pointers to more information,

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