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Re: %packages / DHCP questions

1) If you were doing an install of say 20 machines, would all of their MAC
addresses have to be explicitly entered into dhcpd.conf ?  If not, how
you get around that ?

What I do is use kickstart floppies with the ks.cfg on it. That way I can
use our
existing DHCP structure, where all clients get dynamic IP addresses. Just
default ks=floppy
prompt 0
in syslinux.cfg

2) I understand from reading the archives of the list, that 'mkkickstart'
obsolete.  I did however use the output of 'mkkickstart' to get the list of
packages (perhaps this was wrong).  Is there no keyword for install
'everything' rather than listing each package or group of packages to be
installed ?  How would you get a list of the 'groups' of packages ?

The groups are specified in /RedHat/base/comps on the Red Hat CD's.
(at least on RH62) there is no @ Everything group. But you can probably get
close with
% packages
@ Server
@ KDE Workstation
@ GNOME Workstation

Thanks for the help !!


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