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Re: %packages / DHCP questions

Now my turn to make a correction...

Historically, they've *always* been out of date.

The best info I have gotten was in my RHCE course - and in this mailing
list of course. You might want to check the archives for this mailing list.
Some months ago somebody made a really up-to-date website about Kickstart.
But that was before RH7 came out.

- Wouter.

Wouter Liefting
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rpjday <rpjday mindspring com> on 13-11-2000 14:08:45

Please respond to kickstart-list redhat com

To:   kickstart-list redhat com
Subject:  Re: %packages / DHCP questions

  by the way, where would one find the latest docs on kickstart?
historically, they've always been a bit hard to come by, and have
sometimes been out of date.


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