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Re: Getting started with kickstart help

check out developer.intel.com - PXE is an intel standard, and they had a
couple of good pdf's on it.  I'd send you a more precise link, but I
can't seem to get into the site now.

put simply, it is an environment in which your NIC gets the files
required for booting from another machine over the network (i.e. kernel,
initrd.img).  it's commonly used to do remote installs over the
network.  you can also use it to boot diskless nodes which will
NFS-mount their roots.

if you have the pxe rpm installed, there is documentation in
/usr/doc/pxe-X.X that might help.
"BRYAN,SHANE A (HP-Corvallis,ex1)" wrote:
> I've tried to find out more about PXE, w/o success.
> Could someone point me to more info on what it is and how it works?
> Greatly appreciated,
> Shane...
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> > From: Randolph R. Russell [mailto:rrussell redhat com]
> > Subject: Re: Getting started with kickstart help
> >
> > If, on the other hand, a large-scale deployment is happening
> > on your own
> > network(s), I would argue that network installation is far more
> > administratively efficient.  If you have the right hardware,
> > you could even
> > dispense with local media (floppies, CDs) entirely and use
> > PXE to provide
> > a kickstart-ready install image over the network.
> >
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