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Re: Getting started with kickstart help

> check out developer.intel.com - PXE is an intel standard, and they had a
> couple of good pdf's on it.  I'd send you a more precise link, but I
> can't seem to get into the site now.
> put simply, it is an environment in which your NIC gets the files
> required for booting from another machine over the network (i.e. kernel,
> initrd.img).  it's commonly used to do remote installs over the
> network.  you can also use it to boot diskless nodes which will
> NFS-mount their roots.
> if you have the pxe rpm installed, there is documentation in
> /usr/doc/pxe-X.X that might help.

if this has already been mentioned then I'm sorry for the duplication but
this page is useful


and if you're using isc's dhcp - then you'll want to add this to your pxe
clients options:
option dhcp-class-identifier "PXEClient";


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