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Re: ISO image

On Thu Nov 16 2000 at 19:51, Forrest wrote:

> I am making an updated CD/folder for kickstart using RH 6.2 and 7.0.  I have
> added the rpms and run genhdlist.  Now if I want to create a CD for these
> updated disks, do I need to erase the TRANS.TBL files in each of the

YES!  Gohd knows why they are still creating the cdrom images with
the ugly TRANS.TBL stuff in there.  (These files are standard with
rockridge extensions for unix being used, they also create the ugly
and usually empty rr_moved/ directories.  It is possible to tell
mkisofs not to do it like this).

	cd <root_directory_of_installation image>
	find -name TRANS.TBL -exec rm -f {} \;

Definitely do this on an NFS install image!  (Total waste of space).

I'm not sure about rh7.0, but if there was a TRANS.TBL left in
RedHat/RPMS/ then genhdlist would barf and fall over with a segfault
and coredump (in RedHat/RPMS/ -- which would continue to cause core
dumps until both non-rpm files where removed).

> directories?  How do I make it a bootable CD using the updated install images
> and update disks?

When you make your iso image with mkisofs, tell mkisofs (with the
appropriate command-line switches) that you want to create a boot
image with images/boot.img.  (I put the boot.cat file into
RedHat/base/ but you can put this bootfile "pointer" anywhere).

  Tony Nugent <Tony growzone com au>    Systems Administrator, RHCE
  GrowZone OnLine   -   regional internet services for Southern Qld
  POBox 475 Toowoomba Oueensland Australia 4350    Ph: 07 4637 8322

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