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Kickstart questions

Hi, I have two kickstart/install questions. Well, actually one is more a

The first has been asked before and I wasn't paying attention so forgive
me but... Question #1:

How do you make it so kickstart/install doesn't install RPMs listed in
the "comps" file simply by alphabetic order? We have our own company
specific packages that we've prefixed with "bcf" that we add to the
"@ Base" section. However, regardless of where we put them in the
"@ Base" section because they start with "b" they load earlier than most
packages, some of which they depend on. We've taken to renaming them
"zbcf" (eg: zbcf-commoncron-1.1-1.i386.rpm), but that's ugly. Is there a
better way?

Question (suggestion) #2:

For our office users we want to load "Everything" (this will get them to
shut up we hope) however since "Everything" pulls all the packages in
the "RPMS" directory regardless, this causes it to load all of our "bcf"
packages even though some are intended only for very specific systems
(we still want to install them under kickstart, just different kickstart
systems - we use the same install base for our store systems as our
office systems).

Getting to the point, it would be nice if you could do something like:

   @ Everything
   ! somepackage

where "! somepackage" means "exclude the package `somepackage'" (ie:
delete it from the list of packages selected). This would also help when
you want to exclude a package from the "@ Base", which sometimes you do
(for instance there is a class of systems that we create where we do not
want to put on the C compiler for security reasons).

Hope that was decipherable.


			- Matt

Matt Fahrner					2 South Park St.
Manager of Networking				Willis House
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse		Lebanon, N.H.  03766
TEL: (603) 448-4100 xt 5150			USA
FAX: (603) 443-6190				Matt Fahrner COAT COM

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