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Re: Kickstart questions

"Cagle, John" <John Cagle compaq com> wrote:
> Sure.  It's going to take the %post section and execute it with a shell
> (bash, I think).  I've done this before, and even used "here-documents", so
> I'm pretty sure it's bash.

Be careful!

There is something rotten with 7.0's kickstart that is causing trouble with
here-documents. In my case I tried to use patch like this:

cd /etc/X11
patch <<EOF
--- XF86Config-4.orig   Mon Nov 20 16:26:52 2000
+++ XF86Config-4        Fri Nov 10 18:06:56 2000
@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@
        Identifier "Screen0"
        Device "ATI|3D Rage IIC AGP"
        Monitor "CustomConfiguration"
-       DefaultDepth 8
+       DefaultDepth 16
        Subsection "Display"
-               Depth 8
-               Modes "640x480"
+               Depth 16
+               Modes "1280x960"

...which fails.

See Bugzilla ID 20721

fabian kroenner innominate com
system engineer                                         innominate AG
                                                 the linux architects
tel: +49-30-308806-0  fax: -77              http://www.innominate.com

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