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RE: Kickstart questions

The only time I had a problem with here-documents was when my ks.cfg file
was in DOS format (CR-LF's).  I seem to remember that kickstart was munging
the CR (or the LF) onto the tag and then it wouldn't match the ending tag.
Converting the ks.cfg file back to Unix format fixed the problem.  I also
think that adding a "# comment" to the lines with the tags also fixed the
problem (even if using DOS-formatted ks.cfg files)...

-----Original Message-----
From: Fabian Kroenner

"Cagle, John" <John Cagle compaq com> wrote:
> Sure.  It's going to take the %post section and execute it with a shell
> (bash, I think).  I've done this before, and even used "here-documents",
> I'm pretty sure it's bash.

Be careful!

There is something rotten with 7.0's kickstart that is causing trouble with
here-documents. In my case I tried to use patch like this:

cd /etc/X11
patch <<EOF
--- XF86Config-4.orig   Mon Nov 20 16:26:52 2000
+++ XF86Config-4        Fri Nov 10 18:06:56 2000
@@ -60,10 +60,10 @@
        Identifier "Screen0"
        Device "ATI|3D Rage IIC AGP"
        Monitor "CustomConfiguration"
-       DefaultDepth 8
+       DefaultDepth 16
        Subsection "Display"
-               Depth 8
-               Modes "640x480"
+               Depth 16
+               Modes "1280x960"

...which fails.

See Bugzilla ID 20721


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