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Re: Kickstart questions

Thank you all for the quick reponses. For the install order issue we
will add the "Prereq"'s to our packages.

Erik Troan wrote:
> > where "! somepackage" means "exclude the package `somepackage'"...
> Bleah -- sounds like a pain. Generating an explicit list of packages 
> isn't *that* hard.

Actually it looks to be about 3 lines of Anaconda code to do what I'm
suggesting. As you read through the kickstart file if you see the
"!somerpm" patern you simply deselect that package. Of course that may
be an oversimplification.

> Generating an explicit list of packages isn't *that* hard.

Well, it can be a pain and we have to do it each time a new OS release
comes out. Its definitely ugly. It makes the kickstart file ugly.

Another reason to support this is the fact you cannot *deselect* the
"Base" package - the anaconda code automatically selects it. As far as I
can tell, if there are items you don't want installed from it (Base)
there is no way to turn them off short of deleting them from the "comps"
file itself or removing them in the "%post" (ugly!). Yes, I guess the C
compiler isn't in Base (I swear it was before - I don't know) but there
are things an administrator might not want on some of their machines
(while allowing them on others) and this would allow administrators to
unselect them without having to hack the comps file on each OS revision.

Adding a way to deselect certain packages from the defined base packages
would give a gracefull solution that would allow us to carry kickstart
files unmodified from RedHat version to RedHat version cleanly. I still
think it's a good idea.

			- Matt

Matt Fahrner					2 South Park St.
Manager of Networking				Willis House
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse		Lebanon, N.H.  03766
TEL: (603) 448-4100 xt 5150			USA
FAX: (603) 443-6190				Matt Fahrner COAT COM

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