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Re: Kickstart questions

This is also why I want to be able to deselect packages. Obviously there
are insecure items we do not wish to install, but they are few.
Unfortunately we have too many people to support to try to make specific
tailored kickstart disks for every user so we want to ensure as much is
there as possible. Selecting all the defined "@" package groups yields
only about 50% of the total available RPMs.

We use NIS, portmap, NFS, and bind on many if not most machines. We're
well aware of the security risks of these and the "r" packages and are
willing to live with the consequences given how they simplify our user's
lives and our management of systems.

			- Matt

herrold wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Matt Fahrner wrote:
> > For our office users we want to load "Everything" (this will get them to
> > shut up we hope) however since "Everything" pulls all the packages in
> > the "RPMS" directory regardless,
> PLEASE - PLEASE -- NO 'Everything' -- The security of such a
> workstation is severely at risk.
> If you must give the appearance of an 'Everything', please build a
> custom base CD to install from without: NIS, portmap, NFS, bind,
> wu-ftpd, as many of the -server as you can get away with removing,
> most all of the R-utilities
> Please contact me offlist if you wish particulars.
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