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Re: redhat 7.0's kickstart

I'd probably say:

nfs --server my_server -dir /mnt/source

instead of


Or did they change anything going from rh62 to rh7? Anyway, then the stanza
should still be


Regards, Wouter.

Wouter Liefting
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Andrew Park <apark cdf toronto edu> on 24-11-2000 06:36:17

Please respond to kickstart-list redhat com

To:   kickstart-list redhat com
Subject:  Re: redhat 7.0's kickstart

> OK... I've solved the NFS server not responding issue.
> Anaconda get executed, but it now says
>    Unknown installation method
>    anaconda --nfs://mnt/source/

Sorry I should have put exact error log.  It says

     unknow install method: nfs://mnt/source/.
     install exited abnormally

looking at the source code, it seems like if nfs://mnt/source/ is passed
in, then it'll be correctly parsed....  I've no idea why such a message.
Does anybody know what's going on?
Also, I've tried the updates disk...  It cannot find a module named log,
so I gave up trying that one...


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