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Re: redhat 7.0's kickstart

On Fri, 24 Nov 2000, rpjday wrote:

> > nfs --server my_server -dir /mnt/source
>                          ^ --dir

I got this part correct (on the kickstart config file that is.)
The error message that I posted is the error message that anaconda prints
just before halting the installation.  I found the python code that
prints this and attached below.  Please notice the

	method[0:5] == "nfs:/"

line and the error I'm getting

	unknown install method: nfs://mnt/source/.
        install exited abnormally

the first five characters of "nfs://mnt/source/" is "nfs:/" and in the
anaconda code this is supposed to be a valid syntax...
Anyhow here is the source code.  If someone can either 1. help me or
2. tell me that they got kickstart over NFS working just fine, it'll
be great.

<anaconda code>

if not reconfigOnly:
    print "Argument passed in is h",method,"h\n"
    print "first five characters are h", method,"h\n"

    if (method[0:8] == "cdrom://"):
        from image import CdromInstallMethod
        method = CdromInstallMethod(method[8:], intf.messageWindow,
    elif (method[0:5] == "nfs:/"):
        from image import NfsInstallMethod
        method = NfsInstallMethod(method[5:])
    elif (method[0:6] == "ftp://"; or method[0:7] == "http://";):
        from urlinstall import UrlInstallMethod
        method = UrlInstallMethod(method)
    elif (method[0:5] == "hd://"):
        method = method[5:]
        i = string.index(method, '/')
        dir = method[i:]
        driveAndType = method[0:i]

        i = string.index(driveAndType, ":")
        drive = driveAndType[0:i]
        type = driveAndType[i + 1:]

        from harddrive import HardDriveInstallMethod
        method = HardDriveInstallMethod(drive, type, dir)
        print "unknown install method:", method
</anaconda code>


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