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Re: Problems with NFS install...

Does your kickstart client have more than one ethernet port? Sometimes    
RedHat(or is it Linux) doesn't use the onboard ethernet port by default 
but will use an add-on NIC. Wierd.

Also, if you were able to do a kickstart using a static IP and then try to
do another kickstart on a different server using the same static IP it
will not work for a while because the NFS server will attach the IP to the
MAC address for a while (like 10 minutes).

I would then check the log files on and see if it tells you
anything about why the mount failed.       

Another thing that might give you info is to hit Alt-F3 when the kickstart
fails -- this will probably end with "*mounting nfs path ..." but might
have other info.

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Stephen Bolinger wrote:

> I am attempting to setup a RH 7.0 kickstart install.  Here's the two network
> specific lines of my ks.cfg:
> network --bootproto static --ip --netmask
> --gateway --nameserver --hostname
> mail1-mdr
> nfs --server --dir /vol/vol0/kickstart
> The install begins to go into a manual install and asks if I want an NFS,
> FTP or HTTP install.  I select NFS and move on to put in the IP address, I
> put in the same IP address I have specified in the ks.cfg file and it seems
> to assign it (I can ping it).  Then it asks for the nfs server and
> directory.  I put in "" for the server name and
> "/vol/vol0/kickstart" for the directory.  When I hit "OK" I get the message
> "I could not mount that directory from the server".  I have the NFS server
> open to all connections currently and the IP I'm assigning to the client is
> in DNS.
> The command "mount /mnt/kickstart" works
> fine from all of my other machines, so I know the NFS server is up an
> working.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
> -Stephen Bolinger
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