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RE: --asprimary

If --onprimary fails, use a %pre section, and use fdisk with a <<EOF style
document to create that first partition.  I'm having to do this on IA-64 at
present to handle the EFI partition.  I'd entered a bug report about the
--asprimary, but haven't looked at it's status in a long time, it may be
fixed by now.

# I know I've already created an EFI partition before starting, I just need
to change
# the type.  fdisk could do all the work here...

# Change the EFI partition from type 0xef to type 0x6
mknod /dev/sda
mknod /dev/sda1
fdisk /dev/sda << EOF

# Format the EFI partition
mkdosfs /dev/sda1
# End of %pre

Then I have:
zerombr yes
clearpart --linux
part /boot/efi --size 100	--ondisk sda --type 6 --onpart sda1


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From: Jeremy Katz [mailto:katzj linuxpower org]
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On Thursday, November 30 2000, Seth Vidal said:

> I'm trying to do a kickstart so it allocates 2gig to a windows partition
> as hda1.
> so I have this in my ks.cfg
> part /mnt/win --size 2000 --asprimary 1 --type=6
> part / --size 200
> part /mnt/arch --size 6000 --grow
> part swap --size 64
> if I have any number after --asprimary it errors out with:
> ValueError: partition command requires one anonymous argument.

Try using --onprimary=1 instead 



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