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Kickstart--no install method specified

I am trying to use kickstart to install some systems.  I am using DHCP/NFS
install.  I do not have admin access to the DNS or DHCP servers, but I am
running NFS on one of my machines.  I am trying to install RedHat 6.2 via
kickstart on a P90 with SCSI HDD and an old IDE CD-ROM (it doesn't even read a
RedHat 7.0 Cd that I burned, but it does read an original RH6.2 CD).  I put my
ks.cfg on the bootup disk (it doesn't boot to CD-ROM), and boot.  Alt-F3
reveals that the kickstart file is copied to /tmp/ks.cfg, it loads the scsi
aic7xxx driver, and then it says 'no install method specified for kickstart.'
 Then it tries to read from the CD-ROM and goes to the manual install (asking
for language, etc.).

My ks.cfg looks like this:

lang en_US

network --bootproto dhcp

nfs --server redhat62 --dir /home/linux

keyboard us

part swap --onpart sda1
part / --onpart sda5


mouse --kickstart msintellips/2

timezone US/Pacific

rootpw password

auth --useshadow --enablemd5

lilo --location mbr

@X Windows System

Does anyone have any ideas about what is going wrong?  Do I need to get to the
DHCP/DNS server?  The redhat62 is in the DNS, and I have tried the IP address,
to no avail.



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