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Re: Obtaining files in %post when there is no network connection

1.  Use the chvt command to switch the foreground terminal, e.g.,

chvt 8

2.  Check your script.  I believe you have a typo in your "read", which should read

	read -e number


	read -e numberdone

3.  I had better luck with

until [ "$number" = "1" -o "$number" = "2" ]; do

Hope this helps.

On Tue, Feb 06, 2001 at 09:21:14AM -0600, Rebecca R Krause seagate com declared the following:
> Hi all,
> I am working on the %post section of my ks.cfg file.  I don't have a
> network connection so I need to find some way to obtain tar.gz files during
> the %post.   My thought was to have the user insert a floppy containing
> tar.gz files.     Here is what I would like to do:
> 1)  tell the user to take out the kickstart floppy and insert a 2nd floppy
> containing python tar.gz files and prompt for user input with something
> like the following:
> until [ $number -eq 1 -o $number -eq 2 ]; do
>    echo "Please take out the kickstart floppy"
>    echo "Insert python disk then make a choice from below and hit return"
>    echo "     1)  Install Python files"
>    echo "     2)  Exit"
>    read -e numberdone
> done
> When I try to echo a message to the screen during the %post section, it
> just locks up.  I haven't found documentation
> anywhere where someone has done this so I don't even know if it is
> possible.  Is it?  Do you have any suggestions on a better way to obtain
> files during the %post when I don't have a network connection?   Also, if I
> would have a user take the kickstart floppy out during the post install and
> insert a second floppy to copy files from, does the kickstart floppy need
> to go back in in order to finish  up the %post stuff?
> Any help would be appreciated!
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