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Re: Obtaining files in %post when there is no network connection

I'm fortunate enough to have a network connection and am able to NFS
everything off a server. So I can't answer all your questions. But here's a
start at least.

First, to actually switch to the screen where the output is, use the chvt
command. chvt 3 switches to the third virtual terminal, where the output
from the %post script actually is (that is, I think it was three).

Second, you don't need to insert the boot disk anymore, since the installer
reads it while booting and then unzips the initrd to a RAM disk. In fact,
you can already safely remove the floppy when the screen turns blue and the
cursor is at the bottom of the screen. (This indicates that the second
stage installer has loaded and is running.)

What you also might want to do is burn your own CD's, with the files on it.
You can easily access the CD during the %post section. I would say that it
is already mounted, even.

Hope this helps for a start.

Regards, Wouter.

Wouter Liefting
Curriculum Owner Linux
IBM Learning Services
Tel. +31 (0)20 513 5057 (IBM)
Tel. +31 (0)252 625 202 (Home office)
Fax. +31 (0)20 513 2322
Internet: liefting nl ibm com

Rebecca R Krause seagate com on 06-02-2001 16:21:14

Please respond to kickstart-list redhat com

To:   kickstart-list redhat com
Subject:  Obtaining files in %post when there is no network connection

Hi all,

I am working on the %post section of my ks.cfg file.  I don't have a
network connection so I need to find some way to obtain tar.gz files during
the %post.   My thought was to have the user insert a floppy containing
tar.gz files.     Here is what I would like to do:

1)  tell the user to take out the kickstart floppy and insert a 2nd floppy
containing python tar.gz files and prompt for user input with something
like the following:

until [ $number -eq 1 -o $number -eq 2 ]; do
   echo "Please take out the kickstart floppy"
   echo "Insert python disk then make a choice from below and hit return"
   echo "     1)  Install Python files"
   echo "     2)  Exit"
   read -e numberdone

When I try to echo a message to the screen during the %post section, it
just locks up.  I haven't found documentation
anywhere where someone has done this so I don't even know if it is
possible.  Is it?  Do you have any suggestions on a better way to obtain
files during the %post when I don't have a network connection?   Also, if I
would have a user take the kickstart floppy out during the post install and
insert a second floppy to copy files from, does the kickstart floppy need
to go back in in order to finish  up the %post stuff?

Any help would be appreciated!

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