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mirroring swap in kickstart

I'd like to set up mirroring of two disks like the following using

boot      16M   md0   hda1,hdb1
swap     256M   md1   hda8,hdb8
/       2000M   md2   hda5,hdb5
/tmp    1000M   md3   hda6,hdb6
/home   1000M   md4   hda7,hdb7
/mso   24000M   md5   hda9,hdb9

Setting this up using the interactive installation was easy.  Doing so with
kickstart does not seem possible.  The problem I run into, is how do you
mirror the swap partition since the swap has to be specified in the "part"
section of the kickstart file.

Is it possible not to specify it in the "part" section (other than the raid
device), but instead to list "swap" in the "raid" section as a mount point?

mkkickstart was no help.  The kickstart guide was also no help.

### partitions
# boot
part raid.01 --size 16 --ondisk hda
part raid.02 --size 16 --ondisk hdb
# swap
part raid.03 --size 256 --ondisk hda
part raid.04 --size 256 --ondisk hdb
# root (/)
part raid.05 --size 2048 --ondisk hda
part raid.06 --size 2048 --ondisk hdb
# /tmp
part raid.07 --size 1024 --ondisk hda
part raid.08 --size 1024 --ondisk hdb
# /home
part raid.09 --size 1024 --ondisk hda
part raid.10 --size 1024 --ondisk hdb
# /mso
part raid.11 --size 1 --grow --ondisk hda
part raid.12 --size 1 --grow --ondisk hdb

### raid config
# boot
raid /boot -level 1 -device md0 raid.01 raid.02
# swap - !!!! DONT THINK THIS WILL WORK !!!!
raid swap -level 1 -device md1 raid.03 raid.04
# root (/)
raid / -level 1 -device md2 raid.05 raid.06
# /tmp
raid /tmp -level 1 -device md3 raid.07 raid.08
# /home
raid /home -level 1 -device md4 raid.09 raid.10
# /mso
raid /mso -level 1 -devices md5 raid.11 raid.12

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