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Problems using kickstart

I'm having a few problems using Kickstart. I'm
installing Redhat 6.2.

1. RPM in the %post section is not being executed. The
same command works fine once the system has rebooted.
I would like to be able to just run a script in this
section if possible.
2. When the system boots up, it allows root to login
without entering the password. I checked the
/etc/passwd and /etc/shadow  and sure enough for some
reason the encrypted password shows up in /etc/passwd
but not in /etc/shadow
3. Is there a way to pass the hostname as a variable
in ks.cfg

Any help will be appreciated.

Following is the ks.cfg file that I'm using:
lang en_US

network --bootproto static --ip --netmask --gateway


device ethernet eepro100

keyboard "us"

zerombr yes
clearpart --linux
part / --size 300
part /boot --size 30
part /home --size 2048
part /tmp --size 100
part /usr --size 4096
part /usr/local --size 4096
part /var --size 2048
part swap --size 1024
part /var/log --size 1 --grow 


mouse genericps/2

timezone --utc GMT

xconfig --server "Mach64" --monitor "generic monitor"

rootpw --iscrypted *encrypted password*

auth --useshadow --enablemd5

lilo --location mbr

@ Everything

# PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/root/bin:/sbin:/bin
# export PATH
echo "nameserver" >> /etc/resolv.conf 
mount -a
/bin/rpm -ivh*.rpm      

Vishal Suri
vishal_suri yahoo com

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