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anaconda dies when I attempt kickstart via nfs

I have a set of systems I need to install redhat 6.2 on.

No floppies, so kickstart via nfs seems ideal.

However, when I start the installer with the lilo line "linux ks", the
install dies shortly after /sbin/loader, and I must reboot the system.

The python stack trace is something like:

file "/usr/bin/anaconda" line 45 in ? [ "text" "debug" "gui" ... ]
file /usr/lib/anaconda/isys.py line 198 in getopt
return apply (_isys.getopt.args)
TypeError: bad argument --kickstart: missing argument

I take that to mean that the installer is expecting something after
"linux ks".  I'm confused, because the docs say you can just use
"linux ks" with no additional arguments to have the installer retrieve
ks.cfg via nfs.

I experimented with other lilo options, and I was able to get the
installer to run successfully when I place the ks.cfg file on a
filesystem on the hard drive.  Manually specifying nfs options ("linux
ks=nfs:server:/kickstart/ks.cfg", for example) also does not work.  In
that case, the installer ignores the request and just starts a normal
gui install.

What am I missing here?  Any ideas why I can't just run "linux ks" to
do the install?

kickstart via nfs is really the best choice for my configuration.


Philip J. Hollenback
philiph pobox com

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