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RE: bootdisk ks under RH7 problem

when i did kickstart, i did not make the boot disk under linux, i did it
under windows and it worked. to do this, put in the cdrom and floppy into a
win machine and in the cdrom directory of dosutils, there should be a
"rawrite" exe, (i think thats whats its called), in there select the network
image, not the normal image.

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Subject: bootdisk ks under RH7 problem

I am having trouble getting kickstart to work with a boot disk under Redhat

1. used mkbootdisk to create a boot disk
2. used cp to copy ks.cfg to the root directory of /dev/fd0
(note at this point that the floppy was not vfat as the Redhat 7 manual says
it should be.  I could not read it under win95)
3. verifed rights and ownership of ks.cfg (root:root 644)
4. rebooted machine
5. typed "linux ks=floppy" at the boot prompt.

The machine already has Redhat installed, but lilocheck was not in the
ks.cfg, so this should not matter.  Anyway, the machine boots as though
there was no ks.cfg on /dev/fd0.

Any ideas?

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