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no kick from kickstart

I must be missing the obvious, but I can't get kickstart to even run.
Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

The last few messages on VC3:

    * sending dhcp request through device eth0
    * nodns is 0
    * reverse name lookup failed
    * ks server: file: ks.cfg
    * going to insmod sunrpc.o (path is NULL)
    * going to insmod lockd.o (path is NULL)
    * going to insmod nfs.o (path is NULL)
    * no install method specified for kickstart

I created the floppy using bootnet.img from RH7.0.  I modified
syslinux.cfg to include:

    default ks
    label ks
      kernel vmlinuz
      append ks=nfs: initrd=initrd.img devfs=nomount

The ks.cfg file is below.

I believe the message is coming from /sbin/loader on the initrd.
Looking at the code, it seems that perhaps the loader was compiled
without network support.  But this doesn't make sense for an image
from bootnet.img.  The usual anaconda screens come up on VC1, and under
"installation method" it offers me NFS image, FTP or HTTP.  So it seems
like it ought to know about networking.  And if I manually enter info
it will detect the packages on the NFS server and the install proceeds

I've played with boot images going back to RH6.1 with no success.
I've scoured the web for kickstart examples.  I haven't found anywhere
where this problem is mentioned.

Thanks for any help,


lang en_US
network --bootproto dhcp
nfs --server --dir /home/jwright/rh71b2
keyboard us
zerombr yes
clearpart --all
part /boot --size 20m   --asprimary 1
part /     --size 1024m --asprimary 2
part /usr  --size 3072m --asprimary 3
part /var  --size 800m
part swap  --size 256m
part /home --grow
timezone --utc US/Pacific
xconfig --defaultdesktop=KDE
rootpw om
auth --enablemd5 --nisdomain penguincomputing.com --nisserver --useshadow
lilo --location mbr

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