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Re: Obtaining files in %post when there is no network connection

Hi all,

Thanks for the help earlier with this subject.  I user the chvt 3 command
to switch the window but am still have some problems.

Here is what my %post looks like:

chvt 3

#Prompt user for input
#until [ $number -eq 1 -o $number -eq 2 ]; do
until [ "$number" = "1" -o "$number" = "2" ]; do
   echo "Please insert python disk then hit 1 and return"
   echo "     1)  Install Python"
   echo "     2)  Exit"
   read -e number
echo "number is" $number

do.....something if 1 is chosen and something else if 2 is chosen

My screen changes to terminal 3 and I see the message asking me to insert the python disk and choose a number but then, regardless of what number
I enter (1, 3,666 etc) nothing happens.  I can just keep entering numbers followed by a return and I never see the line "number is xx" printed to the
screen.  I tried
both types of  until statements that you see above and I also tried this without a until statement.  I had the same results in all three cases.

Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for the help!
Rebecca Krause

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