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Re: anaconda dies when I attempt kickstart via nfs

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Philip J. Hollenback wrote:

> Yes, I have my DHCP and NFS servers configured and working.  However,
> anaconda dies before it even tries to obtain a DHCP address (I've
> verified this with a packet sniffer).
> I don't want to use PXE as I don't think it's appropriate in my case.
> The systems I'm setting up won't always be networked workstations.
> I think there is some bug in using kickstart over nfs while installing
> via cdrom in redhat 6.2.

Just for kicks and grins, you might want to try rebuilding the ISO image
to use the images/bootnet.img disk instead of the images/boot.img that
RH's ISO uses.

The problem might be that the syslinux.cfg for every boot type automagically
has "local" appended to the arg list, which I would guess is causing anaconda
to die because it wants a "network" install in order to grab a ks.cfg from
and NFS server.

The other option is to just shove the ks.cfg onto image on the cdrom.

Take it easy, and 

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