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RE: Substituting Donald Beckers nic driver into kickstart boot disk.. ..

Ok I got this working...

I did a couple things... One I downloaded the driver disk kit from dledford
and made and update disk.... this was pretty easy if you just follow the
directions....  But this wasn't exactly what I wanted b/c and I wanted an
unattended install... ie only one disk. So then I took the driver from that
and subsituted it onto the bootnet disk and tried again and I had the same
problem then I realized that I had put in my class and device id wrong in
the pcitable file( this is sort of embarassing b/c what I did was to take
the number I got from the /proc/pci listing and covert them to hex.... I did
not realize it was already in hex.... in my case they just consisted of
digits 0-9.)  Anyway this fixed this and it worked! 

Scott Shealy

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On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Scott Shealy wrote:

> So here is what I did so far.... I have some 3Com Vortex cards(these work
> out of the box with 6.2 installer) laying around... so I got a kickstart
> over NFS using DHCP working just fine with these cards.  Then(knowing that
> have a working process) I I tried to substitute in Donald
> Beckers(www.scyld.com) drivers into modules.cgz in the initrd from the
> bootnet-20000407.img. 

Did you include the new kernel image in there?  The RH kernels are compiled
with MODVERSIONS turned on, so the best way to handle adding new drivers
is to just add them into the spec file for the kernel, rebuild the kernel
RPMs, and use the modules/kernel from the BOOT rpm on the new boot floppy.

The second thing you need to do is find out what the PCI and vendor ID of 
the card is and shove that information into a few files.  You can snarf
this out of /proc/pci by trying to boot up with a kernel that doesn't
recognize the driver (ie, use a stock 6.2 cd or something) and you should
see an entry like:

  Ethernet controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device (rev blah)
    Vendor id=0x1111.  Device id=0x2222.

You'll need to shove those numbers into the /modules/pcitable in the
initrd of the floppy in the form of:

#Vendor    Device   modname     Description
0x1111     0x2222   "3cf9x"     "Nappy Linksys Foo"  

You'll also need to make sure that same line goes into the pcitable files
under your RedHat/instimage dir /usr/share/kudzu/pcitable and

The last thing you need to do is to add a line into the module-info
files on both the initrd image and the instimage/modules dir on the
NFS server that lists the module and any args you need to use:

  "Nappy Linksys Foo"

Please be aware that you are essentially asking for trouble the minute
you do this.  First off, kudzu won't recognize the new hardware if/when
it runs since the pci info isn't in its database... so you might want
to disable that.  Secondly, you now have the burden of hacking in the
support for the hardware any time there is a kernel update from here on out
unless you can convince RH to stick the driver into their kernel.

There's also appears to be a second avenue of attack in that you can
grab Doug Ledford's kernel modules kit (http://people.redhat.com/~dledford/)
and use it to make a driver disk, and use that during the install with the
%driverdisk directive.... but I haven't tried it out.  Let me know if
you get it working.  :-)

Take care, and good luck,

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