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upgrades without keyboard, monitor, etc...


I'm attempting to use kickstart to upgrade a sizeable Beowulf cluster
from RH6 to RH7. I've tested my ks.cfg, and it works just fine with one
annoying problem: the installer prompts for a return before it begins
installing. There is a screen that says something like "OK, you're ready
to begin upgrading" after it determines which packages it needs and asks
for a return. Because I've got 130 more nodes to upgrade, none of which
have keyboards or monitors, I'd really like to be able to do this
without having to hit return somewhere in the middle. Is there some
option I don't have in my ks.cfg? 



#ks.cfg -- kickstart file for AMNH argus cluster

lang en_US

#installation method 
nfs --server ren.internal.amnh.org --dir /var/mirror/rh7.0

#device specification (if device is needed to perform installation)
#    -- none needed by argus

#keyboard setup 
keyboard us

#the upgrade keyword 

#LILO configuration 
lilo --location mbr

echo "Kickstart-Upgraded Red Hat Linux `/bin/date`" > /etc/motd
jeff oishi
Rose Center for Earth and Space
American Museum of Natural History
(212) 313-7688
joishi amnh org

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