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RE: Starting Telnet and Wu-ftpd using kickstart


	The reason that they are not running is that they are not launched
as daemons at startup.... For each session that is requested by a client, an
ftp or telnet process is started by the inetd daemon(you should see this
process running)...   So you will not see the processes running unless
someone is actually using FTP or telnet....  Also it may be that
tcp-wrappers is preventing you from telneting or ftping into the box.....
Check you hosts.allow and hosts.deny file... and make sure that you can
resolve the name of the client..


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Subject: Starting Telnet and Wu-ftpd using kickstart

Hello All,

In the %packages section of my ks.cfg file I install telnet-server and
wu-ftpd.  After installation, I start up my machine and both programs are
installed but neither are running.  Why aren't they running?  Is there a
way to automatically start them every time my computer is powered up during
the %post section?

I have a second machine which I installed using the RedHat CDs.  I have
both telnet and wu-ftpd on this machine, both are running and I never had
to do anything to get them running.  What am I missing with my kickstart?



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