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Still getting prompted for information

Hi All,

I'm currently setting up an NFS kickstart server. Installations go fine, except I'm still getting prompted for things that are specified in my config file ( bare.ks ), like language for installation process, keyboard type and media location.

I'm not prompted for packages, etc - this is read fine from bare.ks .

What is strange is that in the third terminal window, is says "mounting nfs path kickstart.mydomain.ca:/export/Redhat " - yet it still asks me for the installation medium!

I'm assuming that I've made an error in the config file, but There are no errors reported in any of the virtual terminals.

Thanks for any help!

lang en_US

network --bootproto dhcp

nfs --server kickstart.mydomain.ca --dir /export/RedHat

keyboard us

zerombr yes
clearpart --all
part /boot --size 16
part swap --size 127
part / --size 1000 --grow --maxsize 1400


mouse genericps/2

timezone --utc US/Edmonton

rootpw paSSword 

auth --useshadow --enablemd5

lilo --location mbr




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