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Re: setup of a kickstart disk

Hello Mike,

I believe the command you are looking for is mkkickstart.  This command
will create a kickstart file based on your machines configuration.  There
are man pages available on this command.

If you do mkkickstart > ks.cfg at the prompt, it will create a file called
ks.cfg with the kickstart information from your computer.  You will be able
to get the listing of all the packages that are installed on your computer
from this file.


"Michael Barsalou" <barjunk attglobal net>@redhat.com on 03/09/2001
07:03:36 PM

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Subject:  setup of a kickstart disk

What would be a good way to generate a kickstart disk that has
only certain packages loaded on it?

I have made a slim RedHat 7.0 install that has X, Netscape and a
few other things that fits onto a 500mb partition.

I just want to list the packages that are currently loaded and put
them in the package selection section of the kickstart file.

I thought I heard someone mention some sort of kickstart
configurator program, but I can't seem to locate it.

Can anyone help me?

Mike Barsalou

Michael Barsalou
barjunk attglobal net

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