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Re: setup of a kickstart disk

On Mon Mar 12 2001 at 13:04, "Michael Barsalou" wrote:

> Is using the FTP install the same as the NFS install?  You jogged
> my memory that we can even do an FTP install, and I have access
> to an FTP server.
> Are things that different between an NFS and and FTP install?

Hmm, come to think of it, I've never actually done an ftp install
with kickstart.  But I'm sure that it can be done... check the docs
for kickstart, I'm sure that it would simply be a matter of
specifying the ftp:// URL in the ks.cfg file.  (I don't have the doc
cdrom handy right now to check this for myself).

NFS is way, way better though... and almost trivial to set up on any
linux box.  (Same with the dhcpd/bootp needed for a network

  (I found that customising install images -- apart from putting in
  any updates and generating a new hdlist file with genhdlist -- was
  too much effort to bother with, especially when it needs to be
  done for each new redhat release.  Kickstart is much easier to
  hack and re-hack, and allows you to do the customisations in one
  place, despite what's in the actual install image.  But I guess if
  you want to create a "slim" 1-cdrom rh7.0 install disk solution,
  that's quite different).

Good luck.

  Tony Nugent <Tony growzone com au>    Systems Administrator, RHCE
  LinuxWorks - PO Box 5747 Gold Coast MC Queensland Australia  9726
  Ph: (07) 5526 8020                           Mobile: 0408 066 336

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