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Re: kickstart net mount problems

Bill, et al --

...and then Bill Crawford said...
% On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, David T-G wrote:
% > and uder there we have a cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4 dir which contains the CD
% > tree under the CD volume label name.  That is, *I* think the "path to
% > the RedHat directory" is
% >
% >   mirnaf01:/cdfarm/RedHat-7.0/ProServer/cd1/redhatlinux_i3867.0/RedHat
%  No, you need everything from the RedHat directory on *both* install
% CDs in one directory on the server.

Hokay, so I made


and copied 625M of RedHat dir tree from cd1, 311M from cd2, and 164M
(of doc) from cd3 into there.  I get the same problem when I point to
this dir, and even when I put the 1G of stuff into a new RedHat directory
under this point.

I have confirmed that I can mount this path from another running Linux
system, so I'm confident that it's being specified correctly.

What am I missing?


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