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Re: kickstart net mount problems

1 - Check your NFS exports settings and /etc/hosts.allow -

2 - When the installer can't mount any remote FS that he use to install,
usually he say on console 2 or 3 (alt+f2, alt+f3) the reason for this.
Check this.

3 - I have here various Kickstart servers (NFS exports ) for Red Hat 7
and 6.2 that work well.

If you want i can send to you my config files.

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 06:41:42 -0800
David T-G <davidtg bigfoot com> wrote:

> Hi, folks --
> I'm using RH7 on our Compaq boxes and hope that this is the proper place
> to ask a kickstart question.  If it isn't, please redirect me
> appropriately.
> We have created kickstart config files that work quite dandily from the
> CDs, but would like to load from the network.  Every time I try to
> specify the network mount, however, the install goes into interactive
> mode and asks me for the mount info.  I can't for the life of me figure
> out what it wants.
> We store our CD images up on a NetApp filer under our CD farm, and so the
> path to the RH7 disc images is
>   mirnaf01:/cdfarm/RedHat-7.0/ProServer
> and uder there we have a cd1, cd2, cd3, cd4 dir which contains the CD
> tree under the CD volume label name.  That is, *I* think the "path to
> the RedHat directory" is
>   mirnaf01:/cdfarm/RedHat-7.0/ProServer/cd1/redhatlinux_i3867.0/RedHat
> but I can't convince the booting client of that.
> I am confident that it's on the network, 'cuz I can ping the booting
> client from another machine.  I'm at a loss for how to get the network
> image mounted, though.
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