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Re: kickstart net mount problems

Rafael, et al --

...and then Rafael Neitzel said...
% 1 - Check your NFS exports settings and /etc/hosts.allow -
% /etc/hosts.deny

There isn't one on a NetApp filer, but the dir tree is mounted with full
read access.

% 2 - When the installer can't mount any remote FS that he use to install,
% usually he say on console 2 or 3 (alt+f2, alt+f3) the reason for this.
% Check this.

I saw that, and I saw our umpteen mounts of various permutations of the
mount points, but no error messages.

% 3 - I have here various Kickstart servers (NFS exports ) for Red Hat 7
% and 6.2 that work well.
% If you want i can send to you my config files.

Thanks a bunch, but that may not be necessary.  We downloaded the new
bootnet image from people.redhat.com/msf and did some tweaking and added
a different NIC (a cheapo ne2k instead of the Compaq onboard Intel
EEPRO100) and actually got it to see the mount manually, and so we're
close.  I think we'll probably get the mount worked out but will have to
fight with the NIC setup and maybe insmod parameters.

Almost there...

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