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Re: Automated Partitioning

Hi, all --

...and then Taylor, ForrestX said...
% # partitions
% zerombr yes
% #clearpart --all
% clearpart --linux
% part swap --size 512
% part /boot --size 512
% part /home --size 3000
% part /multimedia --size 5000
% part / --size 5000 --grow

I have a somewhat related question...  I'd like to specify certain
partitions (root, var, swap) and then have one more that uses whatever is
left.  [Actually, I think it would be great to have Erik's script that
parses disk size and decideds based on that, since I come from a Sun
JumpStart environment and find kickstart, cool though it may be, somewhat
limiting.]  I have't found the switch for "free" or "freehog" or "the
rest" or whatever.  Is there one?

Speaking of which, I now recall a second question.  I'd like for my
partition table to lay out as

  sda1   -  swap
  sda2   -  root
  sda3   -  var
  sda4   -  extended partition containing
    sda5 -  /drv1 (my "the rest" slice)

but I seem to always end up with swap down in the middle of the disk
somewhere and more extended partitions than I expect.  Can I be more
specific in my layout?

TIA (twice) & HAND

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