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Re: Timezone Error

Erik Williamson wrote
> Ken,
> I've submitted a bug report to redhat:
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=33425
> and I've fixed it, I think... (read: hacked)
> from todo.py: (~ line 436)
> # I was getting errors here... so I've changed the fromFile initialization
> # fromFile = self.instPath + "/usr/share/zoneinfo/" + timezone
> fromFile = "/mnt/source/RedHat/instimage/usr/share/zoneinfo/" + timezone
> Keep in mind that I'm doing an NFS install - I'm not sure if it'll work
> with any other install medium.  If I took the time to actually figure
> out how anaconda worked, I'd make it check to see if this was an NFS
> install - if so, use the second line, otherwise, use the first.

The zoneinfo files belong to glibc-common.
Has it been installed at this point?
Should it be?

If not then self.instPath is wrong and should
reference the source root that was mounted as
/mnt/source/ which appears to be self.tree so

fromFile = self.tree + "/RedHat/instimage/usr/share/zoneinfo/" +

would be better. Still glibc-common should be installed before
the /etc/localtime is set.


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