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Re: Change 'comps' file question

On Mon Mar 19 2001 at 16:40, Song Wang wrote:

Nobody else appears to have answered you by now, so here goes...

> I'm sorry if this was asked before.

It has in one form or another :-)

> I tried to change 'comps' file in Redhat6.2.
> For example, remove kuzdu package from 'Base'
> group. When I use kickstart to install, I
> got run time error from anaconda. Do I
> need to do something whenever I change
> the 'comps' file? BTW, if I don't change
> comps file, kickstart installation is fine.
> Thanks in advance.

RedHat/base/hdlist is the file that needs to be regenerated any time
you change the contents of the RedHat/RPMS/ directory(ies).

This file is a database generated by the genhdlist utility (which
you'll now find in the anaconda package).

However, if _all_ you changed was RedHat/base/comps (and the result
was syntaticly and logically correct), then I would suspect that the
error isn't related to that change.

However, you don't desctibe what sort of runtime error message you
are getting from the installer.

Perhaps you are removing a package that the installer itself expects
to be there for it to use?  If this is the case, then simply rpm -e
--nodeps any unwanted packages in the %post section.


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