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Trouble with 'xconfig' in redhat 7.2 kickstart


I'm desperatly trying to get xconfig to make sense -- here is my problem:

No matter WHAT I specify as "--card" or "--server" (if this option it
still valid), anaconda raises an error about "unknown videocard" and
stops. If I do it interactively in the installer it works fine.

I just want to pick _some_ videocard because if I use "skipx", I cannot
use Xconfigurator afterwards (it seems like Anaconda then skips a lot of

In my %POST section I install drivers for the Matrox G550 (from Matrox
themselves) which enables Xconfigurator to successfully run if I tell it
that it is a "Matrox Millennium G450". Therefore I call Xconfigurator in
%POST myself with the correct options.

But if I specify "Matrox Millennium G450" (or anything else) in the ks.cfg
as and option to 'xconfig' it does not work.

Any ideas?

Jesper Holm Olsen, Graduate student & UNIX System Administrator at the
                   Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen
Guitarist in the c64-band PRESS PLAY ON TAPE:  www.pressplayontape.com

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