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Re: update-disk and 7.2 installation

On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Anne Possoz wrote:
> There are 2 update-disk in redhat-updates/7.2/en/os/images/i386
> update-disk-20011009.img
> update-disk-20020117.img
> but I am not sure I understand what to do with them and why there
> are no anaconda rpms updates for the same corrections.

All changes in update-disk-20011009.img are also in
update-disk-20020117.img. So, just take the newer one.

> Did RedHat forgot to provide some new rpms for network
> installations?

I guess so. I have updated the stuff myself. Here is the recipe I've
used. Your path names may be different but you will get the idea.

-- Alf.

How to update RH 7.2 anaconda from updatedisk:
0. mkdir -p /mnt/linux /mnt/linux1 /mnt/linux2 /tmp/LINUX1 /tmp/LINUX2

1. cp RedHat7.2/updates/en/os/images/i386/update-disk-20020117.img /tmp/.
2. mount /tmp/update-disk-20020117.img /mnt/linux -o loop

3. cp RedHat7.2/i386/images/netstg1.img /tmp/.
4. mount /tmp/netstg1.img /mnt/linux1 -o loop
5. cp -a /mnt/linux1/* /tmp/LINUX1/.

6. cp RedHat7.2/i386/RedHat/base/stage2.img /tmp/.
7. mount /tmp/stage2.img /mnt/linux2 -o loop
8. cp -a /mnt/linux2/* /tmp/LINUX2/.

9. cd /usr/lib/anaconda
10. copy over all new .py files from /mnt/linux/ to . or the appropriate
    subdirectories thereof
11. python /usr/lib/python1.5/compileall.py .
12. copy all new .py and .pyc files back to
    or the appropriate subdirectories thereof
    Warning: Do NOT copy the "anaconda" executable!!

13. mkcramfs --verbose /tmp/LINUX1/ /tmp/netstg1.img.NEW
14. mkcramfs --verbose /tmp/LINUX2/ /tmp/stage2.img.NEW

15. cd RedHat7.2/i386/RedHat/base
16. mv netstg1.img netstg1 img `date "+%Y%m%d"`
17. mv /tmp/netstg1.img.NEW netstg1.img
18. mv stage2.img stage2 img `date "+%Y%m%d"`
19. mv /tmp/stage2.img.NEW stage2.img   (this can take a while!))

20. umount /mnt/linux ; umount /mnt/linux1 ; umount /mnt/linux2
21. rm -rf /tmp/LINUX*

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  SLAC Computing Service              | Phone:  +1-650-926-4802
  2575 Sand Hill Road, M/S 97         | FAX:    +1-650-926-3329
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                http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~alfw (PGP)

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