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Re: update-disk and 7.2 installation

On Fri Feb 01 2002 at 12:44, Alf Wachsmann wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Anne Possoz wrote:
> > There are 2 update-disk in redhat-updates/7.2/en/os/images/i386
> > update-disk-20011009.img
> > update-disk-20020117.img
> >
> > but I am not sure I understand what to do with them and why there
> > are no anaconda rpms updates for the same corrections.
> All changes in update-disk-20011009.img are also in
> update-disk-20020117.img. So, just take the newer one.
> > Did RedHat forgot to provide some new rpms for network
> > installations?
> I guess so. I have updated the stuff myself. Here is the recipe I've
> used. Your path names may be different but you will get the idea.

AFAICS, None of the updates affect network functionality.

> How to update RH 7.2 anaconda from updatedisk:
> ----------------------------------------------

Very cool.  Thanks.

> 0. mkdir -p /mnt/linux /mnt/linux1 /mnt/linux2 /tmp/LINUX1 /tmp/LINUX2

I did it like this:

- loop-mount the update disk
- replace all the python scripts in /usr/lib/anaconda with those
  from the update
- run buildinstall to create a new installer
  (at this point usr splitdistro to create cdrom images)

I'm not 100% sure if simply using the libparted.so library installed
on on the build system (which I assume is used by buildinstall) is
adequate for the changes needed to affect what is provided in the

Can anyone enlighten me on this point?  Does buildinstall need to be
told (or hacked) to use the version from the updates?


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