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net kickstarts using HW address

(This is really a question for a C guru, but it pertains to kickstart, and I
know there are people who haev wanted to do this sort of thing before...)

I would like to do kickstarts on several machines, and I have no problem
booting via PXE (downloading the bootstrap image, the kernel, and the initrd
via mtftp).  The problem is that I do not control the DHCP server in this
environment, so I cannot predict what IP address these machines will get for
the install process.  Unfortunately, the loader's default behavior is to
download a kickstart config file based on the machine's IP address, and I'd
like to use the HW address instead.  I've looked at the code and found
where all this is done, and here's my question: 

Is there any reasonable way to get my HW address at this point?  I've asked
a couple of friends, and so far the best answer I've gotten required opening
up a socket, and it just seems like there should be an easier way (like an
arp-related function call).


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