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Can anyone tell me the answers to the following:
1. Which files do I need tp copy from the update img disk to RHupdates -
just the stuff from imgdiskmount/usr/lib/anaconda/*.py or what?
2. Do rpms placed in RHupdates also get installed instead of the initial
source tree ones and if so would this include the kernel.
3a. I am using kickstart over nfs at the moment to single cpu dell
optiplex and precision workstations. The machines get their numbers and
the location of the nfs server (which houses the kickstart file) from
dhcp tied to hardware address. This works very well except for the
tedium of having to use boot floppies to get an OS on the machine each
I have tried to get the machines to boot using the red hat pxe server
and also bootp (on a bootp server known to be working with solaris
clients). I have done this by disabling all the boot devices in the
system bios except network - but this doesn't work. On boot the client
collects it's ip from dhcp and will even read the first 512bytes from
tftpboot - but nothing else happens. Has anyone got a pxe server to work
with Dell hardware and if so can they give me some more information?
3b. As an extension to this, I am going to need to be able to kickstart
some dual cpu machines quite soon - I have not attempted this before and
I am wondering if there any issues given that ideally you want two
kernels installed, the smp one and the normal one.

Many thanks!

Geoff Dolman
JDRF/WT Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
University of Cambridge

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