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Re: update-disk and 7.2 installation

On Feb 5 2002, Mike Snitzer wrote:
> Doh, right after sending my previous mail I saw in loader.c:
> int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
> ...
> /* Just in case */
> setenv("PYTHONPATH", "/tmp/updates:/mnt/source/RHupdates", 1);
> ...
> }

Thanks Mike (and Brent).

After finding a PC to test the updated bootnet.img to install
redhat 7.2 with the update-disk-20020117.img uprolled on the server,
everything seems smooth and fine.

As Brent said, I just copied the content of update-disk-20020117.img
in i386/RHupdates (thanks Mike for the correction), next to i386/RedHat. 
Then I started the installation just as usual (not typing
updates which would request a disket). I checked on the NFS
server that the files in RHupdates where accessed.

To answer Geoffrey's questions:

> 1. Which files do I need tp copy from the update img disk to RHupdates -
> just the stuff from imgdiskmount/usr/lib/anaconda/*.py or what?

mount -o loop .../update-disk-20020117.img /mnt/zzz
cp -p /mnt/zzz/* RHupdates

> 2. Do rpms placed in RHupdates also get installed instead of the initial
> source tree ones and if so would this include the kernel.

To install new rpms, you have to replace old ones by new ones in
i386/RedHat/RPMS and not forget to rerun genhdlist each time you modify
any rpm.
genhdlist .../i386

Note that genhdlist can be found in anaconda-runtime-7.2-7.i386.rpm

I can't help on pxe as I know nothing yet in that area. Hope
others can help.

 Anne Possoz   Service Informatique Central Tel : (41/21) 693.22.49
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne (Switzerland)

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