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How do I mount the initrd.img file in linux?

Hi I was just wondering..how do I mount the initrd.img file in linux?


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Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 11:49 AM
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> Hi,
> Can anyone tell me the answers to the following:
> 1. Which files do I need tp copy from the update img disk to RHupdates -
> just the stuff from imgdiskmount/usr/lib/anaconda/*.py or what?
> 2. Do rpms placed in RHupdates also get installed instead of the initial
> source tree ones and if so would this include the kernel.
> 3a. I am using kickstart over nfs at the moment to single cpu dell
> optiplex and precision workstations. The machines get their numbers and
> the location of the nfs server (which houses the kickstart file) from
> dhcp tied to hardware address. This works very well except for the
> tedium of having to use boot floppies to get an OS on the machine each
> time.
> I have tried to get the machines to boot using the red hat pxe server
> and also bootp (on a bootp server known to be working with solaris
> clients). I have done this by disabling all the boot devices in the
> system bios except network - but this doesn't work. On boot the client
> collects it's ip from dhcp and will even read the first 512bytes from
> tftpboot - but nothing else happens. Has anyone got a pxe server to work
> with Dell hardware and if so can they give me some more information?
> 3b. As an extension to this, I am going to need to be able to kickstart
> some dual cpu machines quite soon - I have not attempted this before and
> I am wondering if there any issues given that ideally you want two
> kernels installed, the smp one and the normal one.
> Many thanks!
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> Geoff Dolman
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> Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
> University of Cambridge
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