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Re: update-disk and 7.2 installation

On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 05:17, Tony Nugent wrote:
> - loop-mount the update disk
> - replace all the python scripts in /usr/lib/anaconda with those
>   from the update

This isn't sufficient.  The files on the installer images are pulled
from the exploded anaconda package, not from the installed copy of

> - run buildinstall to create a new installer
>   (at this point usr splitdistro to create cdrom images)
> I'm not 100% sure if simply using the libparted.so library installed
> on on the build system (which I assume is used by buildinstall) is
> adequate for the changes needed to affect what is provided in the
> updates.

You'd also need the cheap hack for the parted package.  I'll try to dig
up both the parted and the anaconda diffs this afternoon if I get a
spare minute (I think they're hiding on my laptop somewhere :)

Of course, the simpler answer, IMHO, is if you're using NFS for your
installs, to use an RHupdates directory as already mentioned. 

Alternately, I snuck a bit of added functionality onto the updated
boot.img and bootnet.img so that if you have a file
RedHat/base/updates.img in your tree, it should get used as an update
disk for all install types.  I checked to make sure it worked properly
with ftp and http, beyond that YMMV but it should work fine.  If not,
please bugzilla it since that is going to be a real documented feature
for the next release.



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