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Re: various

On Tue, 2002-02-05 at 12:49, Geoffrey Dolman wrote:
> Can anyone tell me the answers to the following:
> 1. Which files do I need tp copy from the update img disk to RHupdates -
> just the stuff from imgdiskmount/usr/lib/anaconda/*.py or what?

The image is just a flat directory with updated python files.  You'll
want all of the files off of the image.  You can leave out the
lost+found directory ;)  

> 2. Do rpms placed in RHupdates also get installed instead of the initial
> source tree ones and if so would this include the kernel.

No, RHupdates doesn't affect packages at all.  The only way package
information is even known about is by reading the comps file and hdlist,
so there'd then have to be some sort of additional structure to add in
and then do conflict resolution as to which package wins when there are
multiple copies of the same package name with different versions and
other ugliness like that.

> 3b. As an extension to this, I am going to need to be able to kickstart
> some dual cpu machines quite soon - I have not attempted this before and
> I am wondering if there any issues given that ideally you want two
> kernels installed, the smp one and the normal one.

anaconda automagically detects that you're installing on an SMP system
and installs both the smp and up kernels, setting the smp kernel as the



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