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Re: dos boot image

If your packages section in the kickstart file is empty, the Base package
in the Redhat/base/comps (see CD 1 of installation CDs) will still get
installed.  If you don't want to install Base, try deleting the packages in

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I'm helping my MS Windows friend and I want to automatically repartion to
fat fs
and format the entire hd and then install a dos boot image, and no Linux
filesystem or rpms whatsoever :-(, on the hd. Is it possible to use
and a postscript for this?
I know I can do the partioning and formating using kickstart, but are there
bash commands (e.g. dd) available for me to use in the postscript if I
spec/install any rpms?
Is it possible at all not to install ANY rpms, I mean if I dont spec any
packages will I still get some rpms installed?
Can I use dd to copy the dos boot image to the hd boot sector?
Or is there an easier way to do all of this?


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