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red dos boot image

>I'm helping my MS Windows friend and I want to automatically repartion
>to fat fs
>and format the entire hd and then install a dos boot image, and no
>filesystem or rpms whatsoever :-(, on the hd. Is it possible to use
>and a postscript for this?

It may or may not be possible to do this  - I don't know. However, if I
understand you correctly you want to make a clean hard disk and then
install dos.
The easiest way to do this is to make an msdos boot floppy. Copy the
following files out of windows (use a find to get them if you don't know
where they are) and splosh them onto a formatted disk: msdos.sys
config.sys config.dos autoexec.bat format.exe command.com fdisk.exe
You may get it to work with fewer files.
Then boot off the floppy and run fdisk /mbr to clear the master boot
record - NB this will stop you from booting normally - once you've done
that run fdisk again to make a partition. Then you want a dos compatible
filing system on there so run format c: and finally to get the system
files on there you'll need to run sys c:.
You should then be able to boot into dos on the hard disk. NB You may
want to copy the mscdex file to get the cdrom drivers as well -
otherwise you might find you can't boot from cd.


Geoff Dolman
JDRF/WT Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
University of Cambridge

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