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kickstart error - 'no valid devices to create filesystems'


I have a machine with two hard drives, both empty, and the simplest 
kickstart file in the entire world.  

At first, I was getting errors that kickstart 'Could not allocate 
partitions', even though I was well within the space limitations of 
the disk, and I was only creating the minimum required partitions 
using only a fraction of the drive's 36GB capacity.  

This new error came after I added 'zerombr yes' to my ks.cfg file.  
The partition part of my ks.cfg looks like this:

clearpart --all --initlabel
zerombr yes
part /boot/efi --fstype vfat --size 101
part  swap --size 1000
part / --fstype ext3 --size 6000

NOTE:  This is an itanium, which requires the /boot/efi partition, so 
don't let that throw you if you haven't kickstarted itaniums before.  

Any ideas?

Brian K. Jones
System Administrator
Dept. of Computer Science, Princeton University
jonesy cs princeton edu
Voice: (609) 258-6080

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